Sunday, July 23, 2017

Donate, Fast, Pray, Advocate for Humanitarian Assistance

Global Emergency Response Coalition Formed

Years of violent civil war, endless drought and crippling poverty across Africa and Yemen have taken too many lives. Children and families lucky enough to survive today are on the brink of starvation. Enough is enough!  

That’s why eight leading international relief organizations have joined forces to form the Global Emergency Response Coalition

Formed in April 2017, the Global Emergency Response Coalition is a lifesaving humanitarian alliance made up of eight of the world’s largest U.S.-based international aid organizations, whose unified goal is to work collectively to deliver relief to millions of children and families in need.

Follow this Link to Donate
( (PepsiCo Foundation and BlackRock have each offered a $1 million matching gift to save the world's hungriest people. That means every dollar you give today will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $2 million).

Your gift will help feed a child or family in these countries: Cameroon, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, Yemen, South Sudan

Pray, Fast, Act
In addition to a donation to the humanitarian organizations, there are other options to become involved. The bishops of the Episcopal and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), along with Bread for the World, invite you to Pray, Fast and Act (Advocate to Congress) for Foreign Assistance and Humanitarian Aid.

Every Friday is a day for prayer, fasting and advocacy for foreign assistance and humanitarian aid.

PRAY for an end to extreme poverty and for an end to humanitarian crises, including ongoing famines, around the world.

Dear God, You understand the needs of our broken world. Please guide us to share our time, talent, and wealth to help end extreme poverty, that we may deeply engage in our church's mission of global reconciliation. Amen. -From Lifting Women's Voices: Prayers to Change the World

FAST to raise awareness of the need to respond to human suffering and hunger no matter where it takes place.

Share on social media using #PrayFastAct and @TheEPPN. Post a picture of a dinner place setting with the reason you are fasting this month.

Educate yourself by reading Appropriations for Foreign Assistance from the Episcopal Church's Office of Government Relations.

(The Friday fast is part of the For Such a Time as This campaign, which also includes a fast on the 21st of every month that upholds people in our country on public assistance. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry explains in this video).

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