Monday, July 10, 2017

Bishops Urge You to Pray, Fast, Act in Support of Vulnerable People

This guide was put together specifically for Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) congregations and their members, but it applies to all people of faith and conscience.

Together with the presiding bishops of the ELCA and the Episcopal Church, Lutheran faithful are invited to PRAY, FAST and ACT in support of federal programs that are vital to hungry people struggling with poverty.

Let us PRAY
God of compassion, whose Son became poor for our sake: Help us to see the face of Christ in those who are poor, and in serving them to serve you. Give us generous hearts so that those living in poverty may have adequate food, clothing, and shelter. By your Spirit move us to affirm the dignity of all people and to work for just laws that protect the most vulnerable in society; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen. (Evangelical Lutheran Worship pg. 79)

We fast on the 21st of the month because this is the day when 90% of Supplemental Nutrition Food Assistance (SNAP) benefits run out for many working families. (Read Bread for the World's fasting guide here!)

As Lutherans, we are called to protect, support and uplift those who lack access to basic human needs - a roof over their heads, food and decent employment. As a church we can make part of the difference in the lives of our poorest brothers and sisters, but without government assistance programs, millions of Americans would be unable to feed their children, find employment or locate adequate housing. This month we focus our attention on the vital nutritional assistance, housing and community-strengthening federal programs that support families across the country. (Learn more about this issue here.)

Click here to take action now! This was June's action but you can still act on this important issue.

Visit for more resources and updates as we continue to pray, fast and advocate together.

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