Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Mexico House Members Vote Along Party Lines on Budget Deal

By now you know that the House of Representatives easily approved the budget deal negotiated by the Senate and President Obama's administration.  The measure, officially H.R.8, was passed last night by a margin of 90 votes (257-167).

With the Republicans holding a large majority in the 112th Congress, this means that many members of the GOP voted in favor of the measure (although several Democrats who were not happy with the terms of the legislation voted against it).  Bread for the World had urged members to contact their legislators asking them to support the measure.

Still, for the most part, legislators voted along party lines, and this was reflected in the vote of our three members of the House.  Reps. Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Lujan voted for the measure, and Rep. Steve Pearce cast a nay vote.    See full breakdown

Here are some quotes from our three legislators via The Albuquerque Journal.

"None of us are happy with every provision in the legislation, but it was imperative that we take action to prevent catastrophic and irreparable harm to the nation’s economy and our middle class."  -Rep. Martin Heinrich.

“I cannot support this or any plan that doesn’t provide a solution,” said Pearce. “Washington doesn’t have a tax problem, it has a spending problem. The President has said we shouldn’t raise taxes in a recession, because he understands that no matter who we tax, it will slow our economy without fixing our debt problem. Still, this is exactly what he proposes we do."  -Rep. Steve Pearce

“Like many New Mexicans, I am disappointed with how this process played out during a Congress that has created one manufactured crisis after another.  This plan is far from perfect and I do not support all of its elements, however, it represents a compromise that protects middle-class families in New Mexico from seeing their income taxes increase and it ensures that those struggling to find work during this difficult time will continue to have support,” -Rep. Ben Ray Lujan

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