Wednesday, January 02, 2013

January is Poverty Awareness Month

Now that you've toasted the New Year and spent some time with family, I would like to bring to your attention a campaign from Poverty USA, an initiative of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

So nn this first day of the first month of 2013,  I would like to ask you to pause for a second (before you return to watching a bowl game or two), to reflect on the fact that Poverty USA has designated January as  Poverty Awareness Month. 

To help us keep track, here is Interactive Calendar hat the CCHD put together.

Here are some selected entries.

This one is for today,  January 2
Take the PovertyTour to see what life is like for a family of four living at the poverty line in the United States. Then share the Poverty Tour on Facebook!

On January 3
Poverty is a big problem, but there are policies that help. Learn what some of those policies are, then advocate for them.

On January 9
How much do you know about poverty in the United States? Take the Poverty Quiz to find out.

On January 11
On the Poverty Map, you can plug in your state or county to learn the facts about poverty in your own community. 

On January 20
 How much do you know about Catholic social teaching—a living tradition which inspires our work for justice? Read about it and listen to some great podcasts.

On January 31
As disciples of Christ living in the world, we are called to participate in public life year round, in an ongoing way. How are you called to participate?

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