Friday, January 04, 2013

PBS Series 'The Visionaries' Features Church World Service

The Visionaries, a series produced by public television station WGBY, has chosen Church World Service as the focus of the initial segement  for the program's 18th season. The segment features the work of a CWS program in Nairobi, Kenya.  (You probably know that the money you raise through the Crop Walks contributes to the work of CWS).

"The Visionaries public television series  is  really about uncovering what's right with the world," said  Jody Santos, director and producer of the CWS segment.  "Every documentary that we produce has that mission, and every documentary focuses on the work of one non-profit."   

Santos gives high praise to CWS  "We were really impressed with the vision,and how welll you articulated the vision for a world in which no child goes hungry, a world in which something like social justice exists, but [also] on your ability on a one-to-one bases to carry out that misison," Santos said.

The series has been broadcast o Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) stations since 1995.  Click here to see clips from an impressive list of documentaries posted since then. I'm not sure when the CWS feature and other segments will air  on  the two PBS stations in New Mexico, KNME in Albuquerque and  KENW in Portales. The two stations on not listed  on this site.  But schedules are fluid, so keep checking back on the site and also on the Web sites for KNME and KENW.  

In the meantime, here is a trailer for the segment featuring CWS.

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