Friday, February 24, 2017

Urge President Trump to Make Ending Hunger a Priority

The following is an action alert from the organizers of  the movement A Place at the Table: Food is Fuel
Forty-eight years ago, a Republican president -- in his first year in office -- declared in a special message to Congress that “the moment is at hand to put an end to hunger in America.”
Here's the thing: The message actually worked, for a while. Members of Congress from both parties came together and strengthened federal nutrition programs. In 1977, one report said that extreme hunger had been virtually wiped out in the places in the country with the lowest incomes.
We've gone backwards since then, but we still know that when presidents set big goals for the country, from putting a man on the moon to ending extreme hunger, great things can happen.
First, we all need to demand action. Just today, we heard more news that the safety net that brought an end to hunger for millions of Americans is under threat. SNAP (food stamps) and other vital programs help put food on the table for children, seniors, veterans, and working families all over this country -- yet our leaders in Washington are talking about slashing these programs so they can no longer be the lifeline that they are to those who need a little help.
This is a time to strengthen our commitment to adequate nutrition for all, not walk away.
On February 28, the senators and representatives should walk out of that presidential address with a clear mission: making sure everyone in this country has the nutrition they need to live up to their dreams.
If they don't hear it from the president, we'll make sure they hear it from us. But first, Trump should use the power of the presidency to put this issue in front of Congress:

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