Saturday, February 25, 2017

Co-op Provides Fresh Produce to East Central Neighborhood in #ABQ

Reprinted from the East Central Ministries website (including the photographs).

“Community Co-op”, the food program of East Central Ministries, began in the summer of 2001. ECM worked with 15 neighborhood women to organize a cooperative that utilizes donated food from around the city.

The co-op is open three days a week and provides several boxes of groceries to an average of 75 families per week. The members of the co-op volunteer 30 minutes per week ..

The co-op is now managed and operated entirely by our Food Co-op Coordinator and the members of the cooperative. The only requirement for membership is the willingness to abide by the cooperative's and participate in its activities.

For more information or to request a membership application, sen an e-mail (, or call (505) 266-3590.

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