Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Rick Steves Matches Your Gifts to Bread for the World

What is it that gets us involved in recognizing the value of Bread for the World? I happen to be a travel writer. I've spent one-third of my adult life living out of a 9-by-22-by-14 inch carry-on-the- airplane suitcase. I've spent a lot of times far away from the United States looking back at our country. What I find interesting is that we can learn a lot about our country by leaving it and looking at it from another perspective.  -Rick Steves (from his address to participants at Bread for the World's 40th anniversary celebration).
Steves chats with former Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa
Rick Steves helped us celebrate the passage of the Global Food Security Act with a message on Twitter this summer. The travel writer and television host is a dedicated member of Bread for the World, who supports our organization in many ways. This includes occasional participation in our Lobby Day.

As he does every Christmas season, Steves is offering his holiday package again this year. It's very simple  "Here’s how it works," said the travel writer. "You make a $100 gift to Bread for the World. I will match your donation – and send you my Christmas DVD, coffee-table book, and CD as a thank you. This year, my personal goal is to match all gifts up to $250,000."  Donate to Bread for the World and receive the gifts from Rick Steves

Steves has made extensive use of social media to post the message, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Here are the Twitter and YouTube messages.

"I see Bread for the World not as a charity, but as a service. With our help, they are able to go into the halls of our government and speak up (or “lobby”) for hungry people in our country and around the world. This year, the need is particularly great," said Steves  "Europe is in the midst of the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Parts of Africa are suffering from a horrible drought. And one in five U.S. children still lives in a family that struggles to get enough to eat."

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