Thursday, July 07, 2016

Rick Steves and a Twitter Chorus of Hallelujahs

Over the summer, the House and Senate approved different but very similar versions of the Global Food Security Act.  Both H.R. 1567 and S. 1252 contain provisions to empower communities to feed themselves. It creates long-lasting solutions to chronic hunger by focusing more on support and skills training to local communities, including women farmers, and improving agricultural productivity. The problem: President Obama could only sign one bill. The solution was for the House to vote on the S.1252.  That vote happened on Wednesday, July 6.  As was the case with H.R. 1567, the Senate version of the Global Food Security Act was approved overwhelmingly in the House by a vote of 369 to 53. All three New Mexico congresspersons, Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Rep. Steve Pearce, and Rep. Ben Ray Lujan cast a Yea vote.  Here is the full Roll Call.

Bread for the World member Rick Steves, a travel writer and television host, celebrated by writing this piece for the Bread blog.  His article is followed by reactions on Twitter by the anti-hunger community. 

Reprinted from Bread Blog

By Rick Steves 

Together, we just made the world a better place!

Both chambers of Congress have now agreed on the Global Food Security Act with strong, bipartisan support!

The bill authorizes U.S.-led, long-term solutions for small farmers so that they'll be able to feed their families and communities for years to come.

When I urged my members of Congress to support the Global Food Security Act, I knew that I wasn't alone. All across this nation, Bread for the World members were speaking with one voice — a clear and caring voice of compassion. That is why I wanted to share this victory with you.

Thank you for your persistent advocacy and for your part in helping to pass legislation that means we share a world where there is less hunger and more prosperity. I'm calling my members of Congress to thank them for passing the Global Food Security Act. I invite you to do the same.

I've traveled enough to know that half of humanity is trying to live on $2 a day. American compassion like this — manifested in smart policy changes — goes a long way toward building a more peaceful and sustainable world. Can we afford to do this kind of good? Right now, we can't afford not to.

Thank you for being a part of something so consequential and so good!

Rick Steves is a travel writer, host of Rick Steves' Europe, and Bread for the World member.

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