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Westminster Presbyterian Church (Santa Fe): Targeting 150 Letters

Westminster Presbyterian Church  in Santa Fe is the last of the 16 churches in New Mexico that committed to hold an Offering of Letters in 2013.  The social concerns committee, known as Missio Dei, decided they wanted to make an impact during the lame-duck session of Congress after the Nov. 6 election, so they scheduled their offering for Sunday, Oct. 28 (See what Sen. Jeff Bingaman has to say about the lame-duck session).

OL organizer John Singleton said the goal is to send a total of 150 personal, hand-written letters to Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, Sen. Jeff Bingaman and Sen. Tom Udall from members of the church.  Here is what John wrote in the October-November issue of the church's newsletter El Farolito (click on link and scroll down to page 9).

Westminster: Let's Write 150 Letters
 - By John Singleton and Missio Dei

Picture from the home page of the church's Web site
On Sunday, October 28th we will give our Offering of Letters. At our Agape Fast that day, Bread for the World invites us to write personal letters to Congress in support of anti-hunger programs. This year we will urge Representative Lujan and Senators Bingaman and Udall to maintain the “Circle of Protection” around Federal anti-hunger programs. Personal letters from an entire congregation really do alert our legislators to a major concern. 

This year, amid all of the budget cutting, it is especially important that legislators know that constituents oppose cutting the federal programs that fight hunger. For example, Bread estimates that if the Republican (Ryan) version of the budget were to pass, cutting $169 billion from the food stamps program, each and every religious congregation (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist) in the United States would have to raise $50,000 each of  the next 10 years to replace that money. The actions of Congress during the “lame duck session” following the election will be especially critical this year, when the pressure to cut Federal spending will be at an all-time high.

The members of Missio Dei hope that every Westminster member and friend will come to Agape Fast on October 28th and write a personal letter each of our three representatives and senators. Model letters, stationery, pens and Bead for the World brochures will be abundant. 150 letters is our goal. You will also learn more about Bread for the World’s effective Christian advocacy program to end hunger in our country and throughout the world. 

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