Saturday, September 29, 2012

ONE Sweet Potato

The fall season is here, and this generally means an explosion of orange in the form of pumpkins at the growers markets and grocery store parking lots.  A handful of those pumpkins end up as Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween.  
I came across another great carving, but this one was on an orange root vegetable.  James Townshend, a member of  The ONE Campaign, carved ONE's logo into this sweet potato in honor of  the organization's campaign to end  global child malnutrition. 

Here's is an excerpt from a blog post by ONE Global Creative Director Roxane Philson
What do tasty orange sweet potatoes have to do with malnutrition, a scourge that claims the lives of well over three million children a year? They have the power (or shall we say “superpower” since we’re talking about heroes, here) to provide much-needed nutrients like vitamins C, A and B6 to undernourished children, helping to avert stunting and ensuring proper growth. On top of that, sweet potatoes are relatively cheap to produce and easy to grow in uncertain conditions, perfect for regions prone to drought and famine.

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