Friday, September 28, 2012

Escaping Food Desert in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans

On Saturday, Oct. 20, the residents of the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans hope to emerge from their “food desert”, a designation given to them by urban planners and the U.S. Department of Agriculture because they lack a grocery story within one mile of the historic neighborhood.  (USDA has put together a map of food deserts in the U.S., based on census data).

Event organizers would like food vendors and donors to take the trip with them. The lack of a Lower 9 grocery store is a condition which existed long before the devastating hurricanes of 2005 destroyed most of the area’s homes and businesses, according to event organizers. 

The Lower Ninth Ward Food Access Coalition, a project of the Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development (CSED), hopes to feature a stocked grocery store for-a-day at the corner of Caffin and St. Claude Avenues on Oct. 20, and allow 500 families to walk away with a real grocery store experience and supplies.    Read More in Krewe of Truth

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