Monday, October 31, 2011

Somewhere on Capitol Hill...

Specifically in Hart Senate Building, an aide to Sen. Tom Udall or Sen. Jeff Bingaman is picking up the telephone and hearing your message:

"Please ask Sen. Udall (or Sen. Bingaman) to protect lifesaving poverty-focused foreign assistance by voting NO on any amendments that cut the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill.

If that wasn't you on this end of the line, then it can be.

Make this call using Bread for the World's toll-free number—1-800-826-3688.  Important. Please make your call by 5 p.m. EST Tuesday, Nov. 1.

And in case you need further encouragement, here is a message from Bread President David Beckmann:
The Senate is making budget decisions right now that will impact millions of lives around the world. One of those decisions has to do with the amount of funding our government devotes to programs that alleviate hunger and poverty in developing countries.

This funding is in extreme danger—even though it accounts for less than 1 percent of the federal budget. The budget deal members of Congress approved in August requires limits to the overall amount Congress can spend. For the first time, aid to small farmers or nutrition programs for mothers and children are competing with military spending for federal dollars in the fiscal year 2012 budget.

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted recently on this funding and supported much higher levels than the House of Representatives.
As the appropriations bills go to the Senate floor this week, dangerous amendments to the Senate Appropriations Committee’s funding levels will likely be offered. We need you to defend the higher Senate numbers and oppose any further cuts to this lifesaving funding.

It is critical that your senator hears from you now. Tell him or her to protect lifesaving poverty-focused foreign assistance by opposing amendments that further cut this vital funding.

P.S.  Bread members in other states are doing this too, including Elaine VanCleave in Nashville, Tenn.

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