Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogging About The Circle of Protection

Photo by Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the World
Molly Marsh and Laura Pohl, members of the Bread for the World communications staff, joined us for the Circle of Protection prayer vigil at Immanuel Presbyterian Church about a week ago.  Molly, who is Bread's managing editor, wrote a very nice piece for the national Bread blog. 

This is how the post starts.
About 45 people gathered on the smooth steps of Albuquerque’s Immanuel Presbyterian Church Saturday to offer prayer and advocacy for hungry and poor people—particularly in light of the cuts Congress is considering to programs for vulnerable people in the United States and abroad.
The post captured the essence of the service.
Accompanied by flute and guitar, participants sang, read scripture, and prayed before liturgical dancer Diane Martinez-Hursh led the group into the chapel for the remainder of the service.
Diane indeed was great! And I would add the wonderful songs from the Taize group that sings at the monthly healing service at Hope in the Desert Episcopal Church.

Rebecca Hemphill signs one of the letters
And there was a mention about our advocacy efforts.
After the vigil, participants stayed for a supper of rice, beans, and tortillas—and advocacy. They signed letters Navarro wrote for five candidates who are running for the open seat in the first congressional district. “We ask that if you’re elected to Congress,” the letters read, “you consider joining us in forming a circle of protection around programs that meet the essential needs of hungry people at home and abroad.” 
About 25 people signed each letter by the end of supper. Navarro and others will take the letters to other meetings to get additional signatures. After they get about 100, they’ll visit the candidates personally to deliver the letters.
Joy Carroll was a reader & Rene Ronquillo an usher
We love that we received this recognition.  But of course, it's not really about us, but about the grace of God working through us to protect the most vulnerable.  Still, I am extremely grateful to everyone who played a significant role in this service.

And Thank You Molly for such a wonderful piece.  Click here to read full post.

And here is the script for the full prayer vigil.  Feel free to use it and adapt it for your purposes.  And please share it with others. 

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