Monday, October 31, 2011

A Smashed Pumpkin Makes Good Compost

Project Feed the Hood with the South West Organizing Project is hosting a Pumpkin Smashing Festival on Saturday, November 5 · 1:00 - 4:00pm 
at Project Feed the Hood International District Garden (Corner of Ross and Wellesley)

The smashed pumpkins will be mixed with leaves and other organic matter to create compost for community gardens in Albuquerque.  So please bring pumpkins to smash and also bags of leaves if you can. There will be food, music, and also fun smash competitions, so bring your pumpkin to compete!!! 

Please spread the word the more pumpkins the more smashing so please come and GET YOUR SMASH ON!!!!


Anonymous said...

Now THAT's creative. So far no one has smashed the pumpkins that we grew and put on the front porch. One was taken, I'm surprised -- they are so small you can hardly see them from the street. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If we can't make it from 1-4 on Saturday, can we bring our pumpkins by early so others can smash them?