Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fighting Hunger is All About Community

CNN's Impact Your World is featuring efforts to address hunger ahead of World Food Day 2011,  If you go to this site, you can watch a video of singer and actress Christina Aguilera's efforts in Haiti and Guatemala.  And the site recommends a list of 10 organizations that address hunger in one way or another.  And the list includes Bread for the World (although the link goes to the Bread for the World Institute). 

And there is also a video (just below) about the One World Everybody Eats Foundation and the concept of community cafes.  Denise Cerreta, who promotes the concept of community cafes is featured.  If you remember, Santa Fe hosted a summit for One World Everybody Eats back in January 2011.  And this past summer, the The Community Table Café launched operations in Santa Fe.  (Read blog post)  

Thank you Denise for developing this concept of the community cafe and promoting it across many communities in our land. 

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