Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Summit in Santa Fe on Hunger, Sustainability and Organic Food

One World Everybody Eats.

That's a powerful statement and a powerful name for a non-profit organization/foundation.   The group has scheduled its 2011 summit for Santa Fe for January 15-17.  Before I tell you more about the summit, perhaps you would like to know more about the organization.

The One World Everybody Eats foundation is an outgrowth of One World Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah. The concept began when owner Denise Cerreta in mid 2003 had an epiphany to serve organic food, let people choose their own portions and let them price those portions themselves. Since then, she's gained local, national and world-wide notoriety for her pay as you go prices, seasonal no menu organic cuisine, living wages, minimal food waste and healthy meals that are within everyone's reach,  Read More

Here is their vision statement:
  • We are dedicated to eliminating world hunger.
  • We are dedicated to serving local,organic, unprocessed food.
  • We are dedicated to feeding and including all members of our community.
  • We are dedicated to eliminating waste in the food industry.
  • We believe that we can trust our customers to be inspired, honest and fair in their exchange of money and/or time for the fresh, local, organic food we prepare both mindfully and in a heartfelt way each day.
  • We will keep believing ...
The Conference
Our friend Mark Winne, Santa Fe anti-hunger activist and author of Closing the Food Gap and Food Rebels, Guerrilla Gardeners and Smart Cookin' Mamas, will be a featured speaker for the Sunday session at 11:00 to Noon. In fact, the main portion of the conference, which will be held at La Fonda Hotel, is on that Sunday.  You can attend Mark's talk free of charge. 

The Saturday night session on 'Breath for Peace' and meditation by David Hirtz is also open to the public.

If you are interested in opening a community kitchen or in The One World Everybody Eats movement, you can register for the conference by dropping an e-mail message to Denise Cerreta, or

For full schedule, click here to go to home page and then on Summit 2011 on the upper left-hand corner and then (scroll down)

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