Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Bill McKibben: Climate Change and Hunger Inextricably Linked

The 2017 Hunger Report, Fragile Environments, Reslient Communities, examines major obstacles in the way of our global goal to end hunger by 2030, particularly climate change and conflict. In conjunction with the 2017 Hunger Report, the The Bread for the World Institute created this video, published on April 19, 2017, which examines the threat of climate change on global food production. Environmentalist Bill McKibben offers his expert insights.
In 1989, as progress against hunger was gaining momentum, Bill McKibben wrote the first book that warned of the threat of climate change. Since then, U.S. climate activists have been unwavering in their efforts to persuade and pressure government to reduce CO2 emissions — before it's too late. Until recently, though, climate change activists and anti-hunger activists didn't necessarily think of the two problems as connected. In Too Wet, Too Dry, Too Hungry, McKibben tells us why climate change and hunger are inextricably linked.

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