Sunday, April 09, 2017

How Does an OL Message Get to the Office of Your Congressperson?

Once the organizers of your Offering of Letters collect all the messages to your congressional representatives, how do they get them to their offices?  Okay some of these messages travel by cyberspace. The remaining letters get a stamp on the upper right-hand corner and are placed in a mail box.  In some instances, the letters are put in a big envelope and sent out that way.

So how did Terri Christiansen and Sara Love at St. Timothy's Lutheran Church in Albuquerque handle their delivery of the 67 letters that members of the church wrote? They made an appointment with each of the local offices of our congressional representatives and took the letters directly to those offices. The letters would then be forwarded to Washington by the local office. This is another way to have a conversation with an aide about the topic of this year's campaign, Doing Our Part to End Hunger.

Here is what Sara Love posted: 

Members of your Advocacy Team - Terri & Sara - delivered your Bread For The World Offering of Letters to the offices of Senator Martin Heinrich, Senator Tom Udall, and Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham! Terri & Sara met with their staff, got some great resources, and spread the word of all the wonderful ways St. Tim's is in our community

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