Monday, April 03, 2017

Cast Your Vote for Hon A:Wan Community Garden in Zuni

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Commons, a community garden in Silver City, has applied for a grant from the national organization Seeds of Change. I have since discovered that another community garden in New Mexico has also applied: The Hon A:Wan Community Garden in Zuni.  Two schools and two communities will share in the grand prize of $110,000. In addition, $200,000 in grants will be distributed among 10 other schools and 10 other communities.  The winners are selected in part via votes from the public. Since you can only vote once, you'll have to choose between The Commons and Hon A:Wan. The 50 entries with the most votes will move on to the final judging phase. We will announce the Top 50 on or about Apr 24, 2017. The final grant recipients will be announced on May 8, 2017.

Here is the pitch from the organizers of Hon A:Wan Community Garden.

 BY: Andrea P
Zuni, NM

Zuni is both a beautiful high desert community and a prime example of a food desert with only two gas stations, a small grocer, and one restaurant providing limited food options for the community. With little access to fresh produce and healthy foods, Zuni has few tools in the fight against obesity and diabetes, and is crippled in Zuni-wide efforts to regain food sovereignty for the pueblo. This unique project will help to both revitalize and retain increased access to local, healthy and traditional foods for youth and families on the Zuni Pueblo through construction of a traditional waffle garden, raised garden beds, and a hoop house at the new ZYEP Hon A:wan park location. Use this link to Vote for Hon A;Wan  You may only vote onceThe Deadline is April 14

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