Monday, April 03, 2017

Cast Your Vote for Community Garden in Silver City

Growing produce in a communal garden is one important way to help address hunger in a community. That is why the national organization Seeds of Change awards several hundred thousand dollars in grants to schools and community organizations to build up their gardening capacity.  One group that received Seeds of Change funding in 2014 is Seed2Need, a community garden based in Corrales.

This year, The Commons, a community garden developed by the Volunteer Center of Grant County in Silver City, has applied for funding. Two schools and two communities will share in the grand prize of $110,000. In addition, $200,000 in grants will be distributed among 10 other schools and 10 other communities.  The winners are selected in part via votes from the public. So, please support The Commons. The 50 entries with the most votes will move on to the final judging phase. We will announce the Top 50 on or about Apr 24, 2017. The final grant recipients will be announced on May 8, 2017.

 Here is the pitch from the organizers of this garden

The Commons
BY: Rita H
Silver City, NM

We believe that food security and sustainability are the foundation of a thriving, sustainable, local economy and at The Commons garden we work to ensure a vibrant and healthy future for ourselves and our neighbors through direct outreach, hands on learning, economic empowerment, and a productive garden. We have three projects underway that are in need of further funding. Rooted will give youth tools to enhance and sustain our local food economy through place based skills around growing, preparing, and marketing food products. Our bio-regional Mesquite Project has the potential to economically empower anyone willing to grab a bucket and harvest mesquite pods. The Commons Wednesdays series sparks discussion and exploration of how and what we eat through films, garden time, cooking together, and conversations around a communal table. Grant monies would be used for staff time and training, healthy snacks and ingredients for meals prepared, necessary equipment, and promotion.

Use this link to Vote for The Commons.  You may only vote onceThe Deadline is April 14 

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