Thursday, March 30, 2017

Circle of Protection Speaks Out Against Cuts to Social Programs

On Wednesday, March 29, religious leaders who are part of the Circle of Protection held a prayer vigil and a press conference at the Capitol to protest proposed legislation that would disproportionally harm poor and vulnerable people. In addition to ongoing concern about cuts to Medicaid, the administration’s budget blueprint proposes cuts to a wide array of domestic anti-poverty programs, including nutrition, housing, heating, and community development. The budget also aims to slash foreign aid at a time of worsening famine.

The Circle of Protection, which believes that budgets are moral documents, opposes these cuts and will make their voices known to congressional leadership. Bishop José García, a member of the Church Relations team at Bread for the World, was among the leaders in attendance. Other leaders included Bread President David Beckmann and Jim Wallis of Sojourners. This video, broadcast on Facebook, has an introduction by Bishop García for broadcast to the Latino constituency and supporters of Bread.  Rev. Beckmann, Rev. Wallis and six other religious leaders follow with their own comments.

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