Friday, March 10, 2017

Choose Justice, Hospitality, Dancing...All that is Good

San Francisco School of Theology offers daily reflections during Lent. The prayer for March 9, 2017, based on Deuteronomy 30:15-20, was put together by Bentley Stewart, a graduate of SFTS and Director of Student Life for Disciples Seminary Foundation (DSF) in Northern California,  Here is an excerpt, followed by the link to the full reflection.

Choose Justice Now. Choose to bend the moral arc of the universe.
Choose to offer cups of water to the thirsty. Choose to thirst for justice.
Choose to share the food you have. Chose to hunger for righteousness.
Choose hospitality. Choose solidarity with the refugee.
Choose to enter the prison cell and demand that all our relatives be set free.
Choose to sit at the bedside as your loved one chooses their living right up into their dying.
Choose to plant a garden that can hold your grief and feed your body and soul.
Choose to consider the lilies of the field....

Choose to reject the notion that you have to have a perfect offering.
Choose to ring the bells that still can ring.
Choose to dance. Yes relatives, choose to dance.
Choose to dance your weeping until your tears run dry.
Choose to dance to remember that we are bodies.
Choose to dance to remember that God chose to be a body.
Choose to be God’s body. Choose to care tenderly for God’s body.
Choose Heaven. Choose Earth.
Choose water. Choose wind.

See full reflection

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