Saturday, March 11, 2017

Celebrating National School Breakfast Week (the Day After)

In case you missed (and I did!), National School Breakfast Week was March 6-10. This event is sponsored by the School Nutrition Association. We should celebrate school breakfasts every school day and every week of the school year (and then work on ensuring that all kids have access to breakfast when school is not in session). 

The organizers of A Place at the Table are also promoting school breakfasts. Here is their message.
Picture this: You're in school, and you're about to take a math test. You've sharpened your pencils. You've practiced these kinds of problems hundreds of times during the school year. You know the material, but there's one problem you don't have the answer to: You've missed a meal. You're too hungry to focus on the page in front of you.
That's the reality for far too many children in our country. Good news, though: Schools can take action to make sure students get the nutrition they need to start the day.
 It turns out that a simple schedule switch helps significantly more students get breakfast. By serving breakfast after the first bell, instead of before, schools can reach all students, including the ones who might miss meals at home.
This way, every child can fulfill their potential -- they won't be held back by hunger.

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