Thursday, September 01, 2016

Rev. Kay Huggins Invites You to Join Her at National Moral Day of Action in Santa Fe on Sept. 12

What are you doing on Monday, September 12 at 11 am? Consider joining the National Moral Day of Action at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe!

Some of you were among the 70 faith leaders attending the training with the Reverend Dr. William J. Barber, II, founder of Repairers of the Breach, at the end of June. (Here is an inspiring video from Rev. Barber at the Democratic National Convention this summer) At the close of the June event we were alerted: There will be more!

The Roundhouse
New Mexican faith leaders will join their brothers and sisters in 25 state capitals on September 12 to express the moral, ethical and theological imperative for shaping a just and compassionate state budget, and... announce the Higher Ground Moral Declaration, which calls upon governors, state legislators, congressional leaders and candidates for office to move away from extremist politics and policies that benefit the few and move toward policies and laws that are just and fair and guarantee a better life for all our people.(Now signed by over 1,200 clergy nationwide and over 5,000 people of faith.)

 "We believe our moral traditions have a firm foundation upon which tostand against the divide-and-conquer strategies of extremists.

We believe in a moral agenda that stands against systemic racism, classism, poverty, xenophobia, and any attempt to promote hate towards any members of the human family.

We claim a higher ground in partisan debate by returning public discourse to our deepest moral and constitutional values."
Because our state is teetering on a financial crisis, the theme selected by our local organizers is "Budgets as Moral Documents." Part of our call to attention will be a firm reminder to our state legislators connecting the possible cuts with potential hurt and harm, aka, the human cost.

The schedule for the day includes gathering prior to 11 am, at a church yet to be announced; a press conference and affirmation of the Moral Day of Action, a witness walk in solidarity with those who may suffer due to termination or reductions in state programs and, of course, singing, praying and encouraging one another to raise morality to the higher ground.The Reverend Holly Beaumont, Organizing Director of Interfaith Justice Worker, explains: The format will be simple and will be the same in every state. Events in all 25 states will be live streamed and videotaped.Lunch will be provided following the event with a briefing on next steps in your home district. Stipends are available on a first come basis for those who need to travel and stay overnight

We are urging you to be a part of this historic event. Please let me know ASAP if you will participate, and/or contact Rev. Holly Beaumont if you have any questions: 505-660-5018.

Public witness events, like this one, often draw folks from Albuquerque or Santa Fe, but the organizers hope that every corner of the state will be represented - maybe every one of the 33 counties! I can't promise that each participant will increase the understanding of the Budget as a Moral Document among our elected officials; but I do know if you are not there...the possibility for such understanding is diminished.

Consider your moral response - will you join our state's Moral Day of Action?

I remain, steadfastly, 
Kay Huggins, 
Interim Executive Director, New Mexico Conference of Churches

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