Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Sharon's Vision for the Future, a Fulbright Application, a Question about the Writing Process and a Message from the Girls

Students at Amy Biehl Charter High School pose with the author
Kimberly Burge made five appearances in New Mexico on April 29-30 to discuss The Born Frees. The book and the author were extremely well received at each of the five venues: Amy Biehl Charter High School, the University of New Mexico (UNM) Honors College Forum, the Fulbright Anniversary Celebration at UNM, Op.Cit Bookstore in Santa Fe and Bookworks Bookstore in Albuquerque.

The first three videos below offer a small sample of the many topics she discussed in relation to her book. The fourth video was produced by the author, featuring many of the young ladies who participated in the creative writing group that met at J. L. Zwane Presbyterian Church and Community Center. This video was presented to the students at Amy Biehl High School and the participants at the UNM Honors College Forum. 

View pictures and hear narratives from the girls through this page on Kimberly's website.  Order the book via Kimberly website or via the publisher's site.

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