Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Final Push in the House for the Global Food Security Act

Both the House and Senate have approved versions of the Global Food Security Act. So the legislation now goes to President Obama for his signature, right? Not so fast. The version that counts is the one that the Senate approved, and which the House must ratify. A very important first step toward this goal occurred this past week, when the House Foreign Affairs Committee  aprproved S. 1252. The full House must now vote on the Senate measure. Here is the tweet that Bread for the World sent out this week

The ONE Campaign is also urging its constituents to contact their member of the House of Representatives to support this very important initiative.
Rep. Michelle Lujan, who represents the First Congressional District in New Mexico, has already indicated strong support for the GFSA. Here's what she said in a letter to constitutents following the passage of the House version of the legislation (H.R. 1567).   
"There is broad consensus that reducing global poverty and hunger requires accelerating growth in the agriculture sector.   Recent studies suggest that every 1% increase in agriculture income per capita reduces the number of people living in extreme poverty by between 6% and 1.8%.   Currently, more than 800 million people around the world suffer from chronic hunger and UNICEF estimates that 1 in 4 children is stunted as a result of adequate nutrition.    
I strongly support the Global Food Security Act, which would authorizes several U.S. global food initiatives and authorizes $1 billion to carry out global hunger programs. It also requires the president to develop and implement a strategy to improve global food security, reduce chronic hunger and poverty, and improve nutrition."
This means she will almost certainly vote for S.1252 as it comes to the House floor. Still, we need to reinforce a request  that she support the Senate measure and to thank her for her support of H.R. 1567. Bread for the World provides a link to email our representatives to urge them to pass the Global Food Security Act (S. 1252).  Please contact Rep. Lujan Grisham or your own representative ASAP. 

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