Wednesday, March 30, 2016

House Hunger Caucus Gains More than 80 Members in One Year

A little over a year ago, Rep. Jim McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and Rep. Lynn Jenkins, a Republican from Kansas, joined forces to relaunch the bipartisan House Hunger Caucus. The two representatives chose the DC Central Kitchen to announce that the caucus was back.

The next step was to recruit other members of the House to join in the effort. So Rep. McGovern and Rep. Jenkins put together a Dear Colleague Letter inviting all 435 members of the House of Representatives (as well as six non-voting members) to join the caucus.

Dear Colleague:

We invite you  to join us as members of the newly re-established House Hunger Caucus.  The House Hunger Caucus is a bipartisan forum for Members and staff to discuss, advance and engage the House's work on national and international hunger and food insecurity issues. 

Ending hunger at home and around the world is a popular idea, but it is a goal that, for a variety of reasons, has yet to be accomplished.  There are many programs, plans, and organizations dedicated to ending hunger, just as there are governmental programs that are successful but underutilized in some cases. In addition, corporations and small businesses are active in fighting hunger, as are churches, faith-based organizations, and other non-profit organizations. 

Specific functions of the House Hunger Caucus include:
  • Bring awareness to national and international hunger and food insecurity issues,
  • Serve as a forum for Members and staffs to receive information through briefings, hearings and meetings about hunger and food insecurity issues
  • Create a coalition of Members to support legislative initiatives and funding requests that help address hunger and food insecurity
  • Serve as a vehicle for local, state and national hunger non-profits to communicate to Congress about hunger and food insecurity issues
  • Enhance public and private partnerships to support hunger and food insecurity initiatives
  • Create a forum for academic discussion of long term solutions to hunger and food insecurity issues
We are concerned about the number of people who go hungry every day and this Caucus re-established to address this important issue. We are committed to working together in a bi-partisan way and we hope you will join us in addressing these serious matters as a member of the House Hunger Caucus.

A year later, nearly one-fifth of the House of Representatives (83 voting members and three non-voting members) have joined the House Hunger Caucus. The list includes New Mexico Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham from the First Congressional District and Rep. Ben Ray Lujan from the Third Congressional District. These representatives elected to address hunger and food insecurity in a very intentional way and deserve our gratitude.  If your representative is on this list, please send him or her a note of thanks for "Voting to End Hunger."

Our deep gratitude to Jennifer Chandler, chief of staff for Rep. McGovern, for supplying the list of members of the House Hunger Caucus.

Member State and District  Party
Adams, Alma NC-12 D
Aguilar, Pete CA-31 D
Benishek, Dan M.D. MI-01 R
Bishop, Mike MI-08 R
Bishop, Sanford GA-02 D
Bordallo, Madeleine GU D
Brady, Robert PA-01 D
Capps, Lois CA-24 D
Capuano, Michael MA-07 D
Carson, Andre IN-07 D
Clark, Katherine MA-05 D
Cleaver II, Emanuel MO-05 D
Connolly, Gerald VA-11 D
Conyers, John MI-13 D
Costa, Jim CA-16 D
Courtney, Joe CT-02 D
Crenshaw, Ander FL-04 R
DeFazio, Peter OR-04 D
DeLauro, Rosa CT-03 D
Deutch, Ted FL-21 D
Dingell, Debbie MI-12 D 
Doggett, Lloyd TX-35 D
Doyle, Mike PA-14 D
Edwards, Donna MD-04 D
Ellison, Keith MN-05 D
Forbes, Randy VA-04 R
Frankel, Lois FL-22 D
Goodlatte, Bob VA-06 R
Granger, Kay TX-12 R
Green, AL TX-09 D
Griffith, Morgan VA-09 R
Hastings, Alcee FL-20 D
Honda, Mike CA-17 D
Huffman, Jared CA-02 D
Hultgren, Randall IL-14 R
Jackson-Lee, Sheila TX-18 D
Jenkins, Lynn, CPA KS-02 R
Johnson, Eddie Bernice TX-30 D
Kaptur, Marcy OH-09 D
Kelly, Mike PA-03 R
Kind, Ron WI-03 D
Kildee, Dan MI-05 D
Kuster, Ann McLane NH-02 D
Larsen, Rick WA-02 D
Larson, John CT-01 D
Lawrence, Brenda L.  MI-14 D
Lee, Barbara CA-13 D
Levin, Sander MI-09 D
Lewis, John GA-05 D
Lipinski, Daniel IL-03 D
LoBiondo, Frank NJ-02 R
Loebsack, David IA-02 D
Lowenthal, Alan CA-47 D
Lujan, Ben Ray NM-03 D
Lujan Grisham, Michelle NM-01 D
Lynch, Stephen MA-08 D
Maloney, Carolyn NY-12 D
Matsui, Doris CA-06 D
McCollum, Betty MN-04 D
McDermott, Jim WA-07 D
McGovern, James P. MA-02 D
Moolenaar, John MI-04 R
Murphy, Patrick E.  FL-18 D
Neal, Richard MA-01 D
Nolan, Rick MN-08 D
Norton, Eleanor Holmes DC D
Pallone, Frank NJ-06 D
Pingree, Chellie ME-01 D
Price, David NC-04 D
Rangel, Charles B.  NY-13 D
Reichert, David WA-08 R
Sablan, Gregorio Kilili Camacho  MP D
Schakowsky, Jan IL-09 D
Schiff, Adam CA-28 D
Scott, Robert "Bobby" VA-03 D
Serrano, Jose NY-15 D
Smith, Adam WA-09 D
Speier, Jackie CA-14 D
Thompson, Glenn "GT" PA-05 R
Trott, David MI-11 R
Tsongas, Nikki MA-03 D
Upton, Fred MI-06 R
Van Hollen, Chris MD-08 D
Walberg, Tim MI-07 R
Welch, Peter VT At-Large D
Young, Todd IN-09 R

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