Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rep. Jim McGovern's #EndHungerNow and #FillUpYourPlate Campaigns

Rep  Jim McGovern,  an untiring anti-hunger champion in Congress, can frequently be seen and heard on the floor of the House of Representatives urging his colleagues to take measures to end hunger.

The speeches by Rep. McGovern, who represents the Second District of  Massachusetts, are sometimes carried on C-SPAN. The congressman, who is on the board of directors of Bread for the World, has also set up a page on his Web site, with the speeches available for everyone to see and hear.

In this speech, Rep. McGovern makes an impassionate appeal for Congress to strengthen the school breakfast program.

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Rep. McGovern also makes every effort to obtain input from people who are suffering from hunger.

"I was once handed a stack of paper plates. On each plate, someone had written what SNAP meant to them or how hunger had impacted their life," said the congressman. "The stories on the plates were powerful and I read many of them on the House floor to give a voice to those who are struggling."

I launched #FillUpYourPlate for you to tell me what #SNAP means to you or how hunger has impacted your life. Responses will be posted here on a wall of virtual paper plates. 

See dozens of other messages on paper plates 

Thank you Rep. McGovern for keeping anti-hunger efforts on the agenda of Congress!

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