Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Organizations Advocate for Food, Nutrition, Environmental Initatives at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe

A number of  worthy organizations are making their voices heard at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, bringing a variety of important issues to State Legislature.

New Mexico Food and Farm Day
Today (Wednesday, January 29)  is New Mexico Food and Farm Day,  organized by Farm to Table and the New Mexico Food and Agriculture Policy Council (NMFAPC). The centerpiece of the day's activity centers on the hearing by the House Agriculture and Water Resources Committee for HB 81: New Mexico Grown Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for School Meals. 
BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO: SECTION 1. APPROPRIATION.--One million four hundred forty thousand dollars ($1,440,000) is appropriated from the general fund to the public education department for expenditure in fiscal year 2015 and subsequent fiscal years for the public education department to distribute to school districts and charter schools for the purchase of New Mexico grown fresh fruits and vegetables for school meal programs.
New Mexico School Nutrition Day
This initiative will require action by both the House and the Senate.  On Monday, February 3, wbich is designated as New Mexico School Nutrition Day, the NMFAPC and Farm to Table will attend the hearing of the bill in the Senate Education committee.  For more information, contact

People of Faith Caring for Water, Air, Land Community

That same Monday also happens to be the Legislative Day for People of Faith Caring for Water, Air, Land and Community. The event is cosponsored by the New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light and the Office of Creation, Peace, Justice and Creation Stewardship of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gallup.

The Conservation Voters New Mexico will brief participants about important environmental legislation. The briefing will be followed by visits to several legislative offices.  For more information contact,  For more information, contact or

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