Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ELCA Super Bowl Challenge. Rocky Mountain Synod Broncos versus the Northwest Synod Seahawks

The Super Bowl is not the same unless the mayors of the two cities competing in this iconic contest place a wager on the game. True to tradition, Mayors Michael Hancock of Denver and Ed Murray of Seattle announced their wager on Monday, January 27.. If the Seattle Seahawks win, Hancock will have to turn over a  a tasty sampling of Denver's  green chile and a pair of handmade skis from Icelantic Skis. If the Denver Broncos are victorious, then Murray has to provide Hancock with salmon, dungeness crab and a bike from Rodriguez Bicycles. Read more in The Denver Post blog.

The outside activities and competitions related to the Super Bowl are not limited to politicians. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is also using the big game to promote an important campaign: Super Bowl Challenge for ELCA World Hunger. And it involves the two synods that cover the regions of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl.  The Rocky Mountain Synod and the Northwest Washington Synod are challenging each other to raise the most gifts for ELCA World Hunger.  You do not have to belong to one of the synods to participate online.

Click on this link to access a donation page for the Rocky Mountain Synod and this link for the Northwest Synod. You can either pay with a credit card or via Paypal.

So who is winning?  As of Sunday, January 26, at 9:30 a.m., Peyton Manning's prolific offense had the Rocky Mountain Synod Broncos far ahead.  But there is still a week left, and maybe Russell Wilson will engineer a historic comeback for the of the Northwest Synod Seahawks.  Remember, you can participate through the end of the Super Bowl.


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Elainevc said...

What a great idea from the ELCA! And don't forget the annual Souper Bowl of Caring, where congregations take up a collection for the hunger ministry of their choice.