Saturday, January 11, 2014

College Students in Southwest are Invited to Regional Food Summit in Santa Fe on Feb. 27-March 2

Santa Fe is one of eleven communities around the country that will host a Winter Strategy Retreat weekend sponsored by the Real Food Challenge (RFC) campaign. At each of these regional strategy retreats, about 20-40 students and veteran organizers will come together for a powerful weekend of strategizing and community-building, workshops, cooking, skill-shares and storytelling. These retreats are geared for students who want to take on (or are in the midst of) real food campaign on their campus--and are ready to dive into RFC's regional and national efforts.

The Santa Fe retreat will be held from Thursday, February 27, through Sunday, March 2

The weekend  will include workshops and open time to explore:
~ issues & opportunities with corporate food service
~ the Real Food Calculator food procurement assessment tool
~ power & privilege in the food system
~ strategic campaign-planning
~ good group structures & facilitation
~ resource-sharing and planning among all participating student leaders and groups

(From the RFC Web site)
 "The retreat is a fantastic opportunity to build community with other student leaders from around the region, share & learn about the food system, and develop leadership and organizing skills for projects and campaigns to further support local, sustainable, fair food efforts on-campus," said Southwest Regional organizer Jeff Ethan Green.

 The full registration cost for housing, meals, and programming is just $35, and RFC can provide fundraising support.

For more information click on this link or contact Southwest Regional Field Organizers Jeff Ethan Green ( or Kelly Kusumoto (  Please visit the Facebook Event that Jeff created for this Southwest Regional Summit.

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