Monday, November 04, 2013

Singing and Celebrating Unity on All Saints Day wings to the mind, a soul to the universe, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, a life to everything. -Plato

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in November, singers from four churches in Albuquerque participated in a special event to commemorate All Saints Day and to raise money for the Ecumenical Institute for Ministry's scholarship fund. Choirs from Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church,  Second Presbyterian Church (with support from Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church), St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church and Central United Methodist Church sang about unity, peace, faithfulness, faith, joy and other themes. Some songs were familiar and others were original pieces, including two pieces composed by David McGwire of St. Michael and All Angels.

Either way, the overwhelming message at the Bosque Center in Albuquerque was unity. "We are all sheep grazing in the same pasture," said Deacon Juan Barajas, quoting an Episcopal priest and teacher.

Oh, and the choirs managed to raise about $800 for a scholarship fund for the EIM.
Second Presbyterian Church choir directed by Karmen Van Dyke
Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church directed by Mary Frances Reza
Central United Methodist Church directed by Jerri Foster
St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church directed by Darby Fagan

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