Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Rachel Ray Introduces 'The Story of Hungry'

The kitchen is my classroom. It’s where I learn, experiment and grow. But for too many children, success is out of reach because they come to school too hungry to learn.

Childhood hunger is an “invisible” problem here in the US. When you look at a child, you can’t see that she hasn’t eaten since yesterday’s school lunch, or that her parents went without dinner so that she could eat last night.

To shed some light on this silent national epidemic, the No Kid Hungry campaign created The Story of Hungry, a unique look at life through the eyes of a small girl struggling with hunger, and how something as simple as breakfast in the classroom can changer her day, her week — and maybe even her entire future.

I’m proud to be the first to share this important story with you, and to debut the video on my show. I’m deeply committed to making sure kids have a healthy start in life, and I believe that connecting them to school breakfast is one of the most important ways that we can do that.

-Rachel Ray
Bestselling Author, Daytime Show Host, Founder of The Yum-o! Organization

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