Monday, October 21, 2013

Hunger, Poverty Need Public Policies (Ruth Hoffman's Op-Ed in Albuquerque Journal)

Many in the private and nonprofit sectors, as well as in faith communities, are working hard to address hunger through food banks, meal programs, food pantries and other direct service programs. Among the public programs working to address hunger are SNAP, WIC, school meal and senior meal programs. 

And yet, with all of these private and public efforts, New Mexico still has alarming numbers of people who regularly don’t have access to enough food. 

The private and nonprofit sectors, along with faith communities, will continue their work to help families to meet their food needs but their work alone cannot solve this problem. While public programs and policies are now part of the solution, there is more that public policy makers can do.

Excerpts from an opinion piece written by Ruth Hoffman,  director of the Lutheran Advocacy Ministry-New Mexico. in  the Albuquerque Journal on October 21, 2013

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