Sunday, May 05, 2013

Pledges Needed for Two-Day Walk for the Hungry in Northern Chihuahua

You've heard about the CROP Walk in many communities in the U.S., including Albuquerque.  And there is the annual Walk for the Hungry in New Orleans.  These events are intended both raise awareness about hunger and raise money to address the problem.  Anyone who participates in these events usually gives up the better part of a morning or an afternoon.

There is a walk coming up just south of the border in Chihuahua on Monday, May 20, sponsored by La Luz de La Esperanza Outreach.  The fundraiser, "Walk Against, Hunger” “Caminamos Contra el Hambre," will start at 9:00 a.m that morning at La Luz de Esperanza outreach facility in Palomas, just across the border from Columbus, N.M.  But walkers will be giving up more than just a morning, since the route will take them all the way to the community of Janos, which is about 139 kilometers (that's 86 miles) from Palomas!

"We estimate that this task will take at least two days to complete," said Esperanza Lozoya, director of the Luz de Esperanza Outreach, who will be walking with her daughter Sofía Ramírez and long-time volunteer Dolores Campos.  "We estimate that this task will take at least two days to complete," said Lozoya.

Lozoya has worked faithfully for more than a decade to serve the people of Puerto Palomas and nearby areas.  Her organization, La Luz de Esperanza Outreach, works with scarce resources to provide meals, school supplies, shoes and other items to children and the elderly of the community.  "Our goal is to continue with distributions 100% of funds raised will purchase much needed food," said Lozoya.

Esperanza Lozoya
Please send pledges, before and after the walk, to:

La luz de La Esperanza Walk for the Hungry
c/o Dos Manos 
P.O. Box 595 
Arroyo Seco, N.M. 87514

Donations are tax-deductible.

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