Saturday, April 14, 2012

School Supplies for the Children of Palomas and Rural Chihuahua

Poster created from a drawing by a Palomas child.  Click on image to enlarge
Professor Alexandra Neves of Western New Mexico University's School of Education has initiated a school supply drive for the children of Palomas and rural Chihuahua, on behalf of the work of U.S. humanitarian worker Esperanza Lozoya.

Professor Neves invites the WNMU, Silver City and all surrounding communities to come forward to participate in this effort. School supplies may be taken to the main office of the School of Education on the 2nd floor of the Martinez-Fall building on the WNMU campus now through May 2nd. School supplies will be distributed directly to children at Palomas and rural Chihuahua schools by Esperanza Lozoya and volunteers shortly after school starts this fall 2012.

WNMU’s school supply drive aids the Palomas Child Education Project, an effort by the Palomas Outreach, led by Esperanza Lozoya, which distributed school supply packets to 776 children in Palomas schools in 2011, and sponsored 57 Palomas children to attend school. 120 backpacks full of school supplies were also distributed in remote areas of rural Chihuahua. This was only possible because of the individuals and organizations who stepped forward to change the children’s lives.

Without school supplies or registration fees, many children do not attend school. Professor Neves, a native Brazilian, inspired by reports of Lozoya’s work to aid the children, ran a very successful 2011 WNMU drive that raised school supplies for an estimated 500 of the 896 children served in 2011.

For more information about the 2012 WNMU drive, contact Professor Alexandra Neves at For other questions concerning the work of Esperanza Lozoya, or an email copy of school supply lists used by Palomas schools, contact Victoria Tester, who serves as a U.S. coordinator on behalf of Lozoya’s work, at

The Palomas Child Education Project will run through the fall of 2012. Other organizations are invited to contact Victoria Tester if they would like to sponsor a drive. Esperanza Lozoya and all Outreach volunteers express their deep gratitude to those who came forward in 2011 to make their work on behalf of the children possible.

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