Friday, April 05, 2013

SHARE New Mexico: The Statistics Behind the Stories

The documentaries A Place at the Table and The Line tell us a number of stories to illustrate the problems associated with hunger, poverty and malnutrition.  Videos are a very power format to tell stories, but so is the written word.  Roadrunner Food Bank relates a handful of short human-interest profiles of some of the clients that use its services.

But these stories are simply a way to put a face on the big picture.  To get the broad perspective, we need the statistics, trends, tables, maps and charts. In the past, this data has been scattered in different places and required a lot of research and digging.  But that is no longer the case in New Mexico.  Thanks to the efforts and vision of  PNM, United Way of Central New Mexico, and the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of New Mexico, there is a non-profit organization called SHARE New Mexico that consolidates important data in a single site.

The site not only offers data but provides a platform for sharing of information about a wide range of issues which impact the quality of life of New Mexicans, such as homelessness and hunger, health, education and early childhood.  After months of preparation, the site came online in early April.  Click here to visit SHARE New Mexico.

Major philanthropic and private institutions have committed funding for SHARE New Mexico, which will be utilized to build and sustain the Web site to ensure it is a valuable and reliable resource. 

Below is a promotional video.

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