Thursday, April 04, 2013

Food Bloggers to Promote 'A Place At the Table' on April 8

Many of us use social media in one form or another, whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Google chat or blogs to communicate with each other,  to share current events and opinion pieces, and to share our own opinions.

There all sorts of blogs out there published by folks who like to share opinions, news, and links.  Some bloggers like to share information on recipes, cooking, nutrition and other related areas.  If you fall in this category, Food Bloggers Against Hunger has created a campaign for you on on Monday, April 8, 2013, to promote the documentary A Place of the Table.

The film is not only the anchor for Bread for the World's 2013 Offering of Letters, but is being used broadly by other sponsoring organizations (including FRAC, Feeding America, Share Our Strength) to  raise awareness about hunger and nutrition concerns in our country.  Here is how the organization Ample Harvest is using the documentary.

Of course, the best way to make a blog post stand out  is to relate personal experiences or somehow localize our posts to our communities.  And this is what the organizers of Food Bloggers Against Hunger are interested in having participants accomplish with their posts.

I know this is primarily a food bloggers event, and not all of you are food bloggers, but most of you know how to pull a simple meal together, and how to stretch your food budget, and on April 8th, a small, grassroots event will be happening in the blog world to address the issue of hunger in America...I'm participating, and if you feel so led, maybe you could check out [the campaign], and see if there is a voice within you to step up and support this very worthy, and necessary cause. Unfortunately, my experience with it is highly personal, as my blog post on April 8th will reveal, and it resonates deeply with me," writes Kate Selner, author of Kate in the Kitchen, a blog of food and life.

Watch this short video if you are interested in participating.  Other notes and guidelines follow the video.

Food bloggers can help make a difference this by using their platforms to advocate for change. If you're ready to do good with food this spring, here's how!
  • Send an email to, and download the post guidelines
  • Twitter: Follow @thegivingtable and tweet using the A Place at the Table hashtag #takeyourplace
  • Facebook: On 4/8/13, post your recipes on The Giving Table's fan page.
  • Pinterest: A board has been created to capture your posts!
  • Instagram: Tag recipe photos with the #takeyourplace hashtag

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