Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Buen Provecho

You've heard about food deserts. How about food swamps? They are low-income areas with an overabundance of fast-food and convenience stores. For many folks who live in these areas, it is extremely difficult to find nutritious food in their neighborhoods. Many of these folks work multiple jobs and often have little time to go outside their neighborhood to shop for fruits and vegetables.  So the only alternative for many is to patronize the neighborhood hamburger or fried chicken place.

This is the theme of Buen Provecho (“Enjoy Your Meal”) (2012), a short documentary filmed and edited by three University of Southern California Masters of Social Work students (Elizabeth Huesca, Jason Lipeles and Monica C. Ramirez). Buen Provecho, set in Los Angeles, is their final project for the Media in Social Work course taught by Professor Rafael Angulo. Elizabeth Huesca directed the film and all three students filmed and edited the footage. Click here for more information.

Buen Provecho (Enjoy Your Meal) from Jason Lipeles on Vimeo.

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