Thursday, July 05, 2012


Photo courtesy of  Bhavana Nissima Upadhyaya
This is Muthulakshmi. She lives in a village 10 kilometers away. She visits her home once a week. On the rest of the days she sleeps on the porch of a nearby bank, freshens up and washes her clothes at a resthouse for 10 rupees a day, and eats at a common eatery with others like her. 

I saw her standing in the hot sun in the morning and in the late evening I still found her standing. But unlike me, she continued to look gorgeous even at the end of the day  : )    -Bhavana Nissima Upadhyaya

(The author is program director at SSF Global Foudation in Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. She is a former communications instructor in the Research Service Learning Program at the University of New Mexico)

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Michelle Meaders said...

..."and eats at a common eatery with others like her."

What are others like her? What does she do all week in the town away from home? Is she a religious or social worker?