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Advocates in Action: Bulletin Inserts in South Dakota Link Scriptures to Support for Federal Nutrition Programs

There are many creative Bread advocates around the country, and I would like to highlight the work of two dedicated individuals.  In today's post, I would like to share a series of bulletin inserts created by Cathy Brechtelsbauer in Sioux Falls, S.D. 

"Picking up on the bread theme, this series is offered to familiarize the public with programs that are helping with food needs and that deserve our appreciation and support," Cathy notes in the introductory page.
While some of the data for the bulletin inserts is for South Dakota, Cathy points out that the information can be adapted for any state using USDA data

This is how Cathy introduces the bulletin inserts that she created.  She notes that these can also be used as newsletter items.
If you are looking ahead, you probably already noticed that from July 29 to August 26, each of the Gospel lectionary lessons mentions “bread.” We know that Jesus, the Bread of Life, desires all people to have abundant life in the full holistic sense. These bulletin inserts are designed to draw awareness to programs that help to offer bread and life for people’s physical needs. Please consider using them while you preach on bread this summer These inserts could also be used later, in the fall, if you think you would get better use of them then,
And here is the actual introductory page:

A Series on Bread
Introduction for church leaders:
Food Programs to Know & Appreciate

In 2012, July 29 through Aug 26 all have lectionary texts that mention
bread.  (Note: I added the links to the scripture verses from the New Revised Standard Version).

July 29, John 6:1-21 Feeding of 5000
Aug 5, John 6:24-35 People come looking for more bread - “I am bread of life”
Aug 12, John 6:35, 41-51 more on Bread of Life
Aug 19, John 6:51-58 The one who eats this bread will live forever
Aug 26, John 6:56-69 This is the bread that came down from heaven...

What is this?
Picking up on the bread theme, this series is offered to
familiarize the public with programs that are helping with
food needs and that deserve our appreciation and support.
What to do with them?
We hope you will use these half-page fliers for Sunday
bulletin inserts or in church newsletters. (If they are posted
online, a note in the bulletin could refer people to them.)
They are designed for this summer, July 29-Aug 26, but
could be used in the fall. If you wait too late, there is the
chance that Congress may have already cut these programs.
Programs that help people who are poor and hungry are
often maligned. We know this hurts. It puts both participants
and programs in a bad light, increasing stigma and
discouraging some people from getting the help they need,
especially the elderly. But we know that Jesus’ habit was to
lift up those who were put down by society. Perhaps by
appreciating these programs, we can help improve
perceptions, protect nutrition programs, and help people
who need food on the table.

Consider strengthening your advocacy for hungry people by
joining Bread for the World: www.bread.org
CC Brechtelsbauer for Bread for the World -SD, ryebread@breadrising.org

Here are links to the rest of the bulletin inserts:

With this link, you can see that each one fits on a half-page.

With this link, each little flier is on its own page, which might be more useful if you are posting these online.

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