Thursday, June 07, 2012

That Box of Chocolates is Delicious, Unique, and Also Fair Trade!

 The Sugar-coated Radical

I admit it, I watch the Cooking Channel.  I especially love watching the creative recipes that are share on Eat Street, Unique Eats, and Food(ography) with Mo Rocca.  The programs not only show you the final product, but background on the creative process and the motivation and history of the cooks and chefs.

One episode of  Food(ography) about sugar caught my attention. Several confections were featured, but the one that was especially interesting to me was the fair trade-sweetened Candied Serrano Peppers by Taria Camerino. This creative combination of hot and spicy was very attractive to me, but even more importantly was the creator's dedication to the concept of fair trade.  (And note: The candied serrano pepper was just the topping for a Cuban-inspired dessert that included guava and other ingredients).

Ms. Camerino owns a confectioner in Atlanta called  The Sugar-coated Radical
And the candy company has a wonderful slogan: Encouraging the notion that taking responsibility can be a whole lot of fun

"Camerino will deal only with Fair Trade suppliers that receive certification for practicing sustainability, provide organic alternatives and pay a living wage," said an article in Creative Loafing Atlanta  "She noted that a lot of restaurant and bakery people pay lip service to these principles but ditch them in the interest of protecting profits."

Ms. Camerino describes her mission in her own words in the Sugar-Coated Radical's Web site.
radicals & revolutionaries-we are artists

Sugar-Coated Radical is a community supported libertine confection shop that uses only direct and fair trade-organic-post-consumer recycled & locally sourced materials. it is our aim to change the way cacao is farmed and chocolate is made and consumed.

when creating unconventional hand-crafted chocolates and candies we have the unique ability to push boundaries-by relying on each ingredient's distinctive flavor profile-we formulate harmony within contrast.

every sale of our chocolate and candy paves the way to the purchase of our first cacao farm. when you support us in buying Sugar-Coated, you take part in the process of making the growing and processing of cacoa more humane, ethical, and fair.
Thai Curry Chocolate
You can buy a box of chocolates with a dozen unique offerings,  Here are six of the choices:

PARMESAN: toasted semolina blended in white chocolate-enrobed in 65%-topped with parmesan
CALENDULA & URBAN HONEY: 41% milk & 84% dark-infused with calendula flower-creamed with local urban honey
SUGAR CANE:  73% venezuelan creamed with raw sugar cane syrup
ANISETTE: 73% chocolate-creamed with anise oil
THAI CURRY: white chocolate ganache-blended with thai curry spice-enrobed in 65% sitting on toasted coconut & cilantro
CANDIED ORANGE: white chocolate ganache-in-house candied orange-cointreau-enrobed in 65%

Saffron-Rose-Pistachio White Bar
But you can also buy chocolate bars, assorted carmels, a saffron-rose-pistachio white bar, hot chocolate, and much more.  Click here to shop. 

It all sounds SO DELICIOUS!  And it's also made with Fair-Trade ingredients!

(The photos are from The Sugar-Coated Radical Web site)

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