Saturday, June 02, 2012

A Circle of Protection for Healthy Foods

(Editor's note:  This is the fourth in a series about Offerings of Letters in New Mexico.  Earlier, we shared a skit from All Saints Lutheran Church in Albuquerque, bulletin announcement at Peace Lutheran Church in Las Cruces and the involvement of the JustFaith class in letter-writing efforts at Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Community.  Here is what First Presbyterian Church in Santa Fe did ahead of its Offering of Letters tomorrow, June 3).

Bobby Rugg, said the OL organizers at First Presbyterian Churchtt,found the activity  provided as part of the Offering of Letters resources materials very useful.  If you go the link you'll find an empty circle and instructions asking you to write or draw what you would like to see protected in the “circle of protection,”
"Iit can be a specific program (such as the Food for Peace Program) or person (a friend who relies on SNAP or the Earned Income Tax Credit, for example). Who are you particularly concerned about? How will proposed cuts hurt people in your church or community or around the world? How can you join with others to form a circle of protection around programs that meet the needs of hungry and poor people in the United States and abroad?:"
"In preparation for our letter campaign, the kids in First Presbyterian Church's Worship Workshop used copies of the Activities sheet to draw their idea of what would be protected by the Tax Credits and Foreign Assistance programs – mostly healthy kinds of food. We’ll display their art Sunday."   Below is the illustration from a young lady named Sara.
Bobby said her committee is also planning to show one or more of the OL videos in the Parish Hall during coffee/letter writing time. The committee also t we also had notices in the monthly church newsletter and the weekly email post, the latter giving directions to the Bread website for anyone who might prefer to write letters from home instead of at church.

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