Friday, May 25, 2012

Bulletin Announcement: 'As Christians we are Called to Contribute to a Just Society'

This year, we are featuring the various creative ways in which churches in New Mexico promote their Offerings of Letters to members of the congregation.   Our first piece featured the skit that Bread members at at All Saints Lutheran Church in Albuquerque presented to the congregation.

Many churches use a bulletin announcement to provide information about the Offering of Letters a week or two before the letter-writing Sunday as well as the day when parishioners are writing letters.  Here is a great bulletin announcement from Peace Lutheran Church in Las Cruces. Thank you Ellen Young for sharing this with us.

Peace Lutheran Church Our Offering of Letters Begins April 15 Why do we write letters to our representatives in Congress? We speak out because: - as Christians we are called to contribute to a just society. - as citizens, we have the right and responsibility to advise our elected representatives as to what we think they should do on our behalf. - as children of God we have seven billion brothers and sisters in this world, many of whom have no chance to be heard as we can. 

We will ask our Congressional representatives to work for a Circle of Protection around programs that reduce poverty both in the U.S. and abroad. These programs are at risk of cuts beyond their proportion of the budget. What would you put in that circle? Nutrition assistance programs like SNAP (food stamps) and WIC? Tax credits for the working poor? Foreign Assistance which treats HIV and provides clean water? International food aid programs? 

This year’s offering of letters is an opportunity to tell Congress what matters most to you. Here at Peace, information will be available April 15, with letter writing on April 22 and 29, and dedication of our letters – of our exercise in Christian citizenship – on May 6. You can learn more about Bread for the World at, and about the New Mexico perspective at

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