Saturday, May 26, 2012

Breakfast After the Bell: A Short Film by New Mexico Appleseed

New Mexico Appleseed, recently put together a report and a short film about its successful efforts via the New Mexico State Legislature to ensure that all children in our state have access to school breakfast.  But there's a catch: the breakfast must be served after the first bell has rung, ensuring that the largest number of children have access to a nutritional meal. 

The nonprofit and nonpartisan organization is part of the national Appleseed Network of 17 centers in the U.S. and in Mexico.  It's mission is to advocate for high- impact policy solutions  to the problems impacting the poor and the underserved,

"This film is part of the implementation process of our historic mandatory breakfast bill. We didn’t want to leave it to chance that schools would take advantage of the new law," said New Mexico Appleseed.  "We want to make it easy for schools impacted by the law and schools with high numbers of free/reduced price eligible children to embrace Breakfast After the Bell and reap the benefits of offering it. Together with our Breakfast Toolkit, schools will have everything they need to start offering breakfast... after the bell."

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