Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walking the Way of the Cross on Earth Day

Red Mesa Rainbow-David Wu

The Center for Action and Contemplation presents

The Way of the Cross

Friday, April 22, 2011 
Good Friday and Earth Day
This year, Way of the Cross falls on a day that will be celebrated both as Good Friday and Earth Day. Join the Center for Action and Contemplation at its property in Prewitt, located 100 miles from Albuquerque and between Grants and Gallup. Participants will walk through the stations with mindfulness and gratitude for the life of Jesus and the life of Mother Earth.
The Way of the Cross calls us to recall the suffering of Jesus in a particular way. Jesus came to show us how to give our life and our death for others. This year we focus in a special way on the groanings, the crying in pain and the deep longing for liberation of Mother Earth as she too is waiting for Christ's second return. (Romans 8.18-25)

Begins at noon, but please arrive at least a half hour early.
For Directions, see below.
Bring wide-brimmed hat, closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, a lawn/camp chair, an umbrella, and water.
Food will not be provided in accordance with a day of fasting, but please if you have dietary needs do not hesitate to bring a lunch or snack
If you have any questions or are interested in carpooling from the CAC
e-mail Jen Nelson: jnelson@cacradicalgrace.org
for more information 


From Albuquerque take I-40 WEST to exit 63 (Prewitt).
When coming from Albuquerque, turn right at the stop sign;
from Gallup, turn left.
All distances are from this point.
At .2 miles there is a stop sign, and the Tomahawk Bar in front of you- turn right
At .7 miles there is the intersection with CR 19. Turn left onto CR 19.
On the way to the CAC turnoff, you will pass the following (do not turn):
at 3.6 miles, power plant entrance  (to your left);
at 4.6 miles, a railroad track;
at 4.9 miles, Henry Andrews Road (to your right);
at 5.1 miles, Big Red Road (to your right).
At 5.4 miles is the CAC entrance - turn right.
At 5.7 miles, you are at the ranch house.

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