Monday, February 21, 2011

The Journey to Haiti Begins

Our friend Sharon Barefoot finally gets the opportunity to begin her ministry in Haiti as a nurse in a couple of weeks, If you recall, she was planning to start her work as a volunteer nurse with the Catholic Medical Mission Board (CCMB) back in October, but some unexpected developments occurred.

Here's is what she says in her blog Barefoot in Haiti.
So what kept me from going sooner? In October 2010 cholera hit Haiti resulting in the  231,070 reported cases and 4,549 deaths since the epidemic began. At  that time, I wanted to be part of the fight against the virulent  bacterium, Vibrio Cholerae, but was told I should wait until after  presidential elections. By November, there was unrest in Cap-Haitien, with  protests and violence against U.N. peacekeepers over the source of the  outbreak. 
Elections caused roads to close at the end of November, with  protests in early December. It was unclear, if safety would be an issue  while the current president’s party candidate, Jude Celestin, was part  of the race.  Celestin was put under international pressure to back out  of the race, and pulled out on 1/26/2011. The second round of elections  will commence on March 20th.
In the meantime, the CCMB site had a very nice feature on Nurse Sharon Barefoot. In that site, she offers us the opportunity to share in her journey by adding our thoughts to a bulletin board.
I invite you to share with me your words of wisdom. You may have given  through community service or are greatly devoted in service to your  family. I am not the 1st nor will I be the last to work overseas.  I  seek your stories and insights as I prepare to serve.
We look forward to reading your stories in your blog and will hold you and your ministry in our thoughts and prayers. Godspeed Sharon.

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Sharon said...

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers! Please pray for CMMB (Catholic Medical Mission Board) and for the work of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ @ St. Francois de Sales Hospital!