Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Barefoot in Haiti

Sharon Barefoot is a cello player, anti-hunger activist and a nurse.  Whenever she can, she likes to combine these skills and talents, just as she did at the recent Emerging Christianity conference.  Putting together her deep spirituality and her concern for poor and hungry people, she played the beautiful background music that went along with a meditation on hunger, fasting and poverty.

Now Sharon, a Bread for the World supporter, has a new opportunity to combine her skills and talents. She is going to Haiti in November to volunteer for a year as a nurse with the Catholic Medical Mission Board.  Read about CMMB's program in Haiti.

And Sharon has set up a blog, called Barefoot in Haiti, so she can share with us her experiences.  Here is an excerpt from her first post.
Vital to my preparation for my 1st long term volunteer experience was speaking with previous volunteers. The volunteers shared their experiences in the "bush" and resources they use to provide care to the communities they worked in. 98.7% of every dollar contributed to CMMB is used for healthcare, and I certainly feel aligned with CMMB's core values:
  • Building Individual and Community Capacity
  • Social Justice
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Quality Collaboration
  • Courage and Risk-Taking
  • Compassion

Be sure to bookmark Sharon's blog and follow her journey over the next year. And I'm sure she would welcome your prayers and your support.

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Robin said...

Sharon is an amazing AMAZING person! She really walks the walk!