Wednesday, February 03, 2010

You Go Rochelle!

Check out this cool promo from The ONE Campaign, featuring my friend Rochelle Gibbs from Minnesota.  This 1-minute message below is part of ONE's initiative called  "Women ONE2ONE" 
Here is what it's all about:
It's all about women taking action and connecting with each other to fight poverty. With every voice we add, we can help send another young girl to school, help an HIV-positive expecting mother keep from passing the virus on to her baby, and help another woman find the courage to speak out against oppression and corruption.
The concept is simple. Join one million women (and men) to raise our voices and demand the things we know make a difference: putting kids in schools, enabling women entrepreneurs, allowing women to run for office.   

Click here to take the pledge
(And you don't have to be a woman to take this pledge.  Men AND Women can support the empowerment of women).

Here is why Rochelle strongly supports this initiative:
I joined ONE because I'm a mom. I saw what other mothers go through in developing countries, the difficult decisions they have to make and their incredible strength. I could only imagine how I'd feel in one of their place

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